This program targets the young people in Secondary schools, Universities and other tertiary institutions. Hands on skills training and mentorship sessions are organized at partner institutions and the youth are trained in Entrepreneurial Skills, Communication skills, Media and Film skills, Financial Literacy skills, ICT Skills and People skills.

Entrepreneurial Skills gives hands-on skills in jewellery making, craft bags and shoes, making of (Candles, Shoe polish, Charcoal brickets, Vaseline, Glue, Paper bags, Paint among others), phone repairs, Branding.

The ICT course revolves around the identification and development of ICT gifted talent and skills. Students are guided in examining how their ICT skills can be applied in the workplace, whilst also practicing their skills in a variety of activities, including mock job interviews. The training involves graphics designing and animation, coding and app development, video editing, sound design, live broadcast TV software lessons, blogging and social media management.

We also introduce the youth to knowledge, attitude and skills to successfully meet the challenges of adolescence and young adulthood and enhance their self-esteem and competency. We also train youth in assertiveness, personal effectiveness, communication, time management leadership, change management creativity and innovation and project management .




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